PLEASE GIVE US A CALL ON: 021- 426 5788.

We do Carpet Rentals for photo and film shoots. To rent a carpet we will need a holding cheque for the full value of the carpet(s) rented. We charge 10% of the value of the carpet per day. If the carpet gets durty or damaged in the care of the renter, they will be subject to pay for cleaning or repairs.


PLEASE GIVE US A CALL ON: 021- 426 5788.

A CLEANING TIP FOR CHOBI RUGS { When red wine get spilled on your rug – don’t panic! Grab a white cotton towel and place it on the spill and stand on it. Keep moving a clean part of the towel over the spot while standing on it until you no longer see a transfer of the wine – or you can also put dry oats or salt on the spill while it is still wet to absorb the wine. Then place a damp towel on the spill and keep it damp (not too wet), while you contact us or a professional rug cleaning service to take care of the remaining spots – ASAP! NEVER USE BAKING SODA, OR OTHER SPOT CLEANERS ON YOUR WOOL RUGS.

Vilage and Life 002

New Overcasting done on a Meshed. A Blanket Stitch is used.

Vilage and Life 001

Overcasting being done on a Meshed.


A Chobi during Cleaning. The top is Before and the bottom After cleaning. A Special Chemical from Iran is used to clean the carpets. This prevents colour run and it brightens the colours

The same Chobi during cleaning. Top is Before and bottom is After

New Silk fringes are being added to this Isfahan. Each piece done by hand.



Our Weaver Busy with the fringes on the Isfahan carpet